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Sacred Heart Academy                110 Keating Drive, Winchester, VA 22601                 Phone: 540-662-7177                   Fax: 540-722-2894


January 2017 Lunch Menu

Lunch Account Payments
Coffee w/the Principal
Thur., Jan. 26th at 7:30am, Library
All are invited. Please bring your 3C's Cares, Concerns & Comments
Design for Excellence
It's a DFE year for Sacred Heart Academy...what does that mean?
A process for school improvement conducted every five years.
~Compliance with the state of Virginia's and the Virginia Council for Private Education's expectations;
~Implementation of the Office of Catholic School's curriculum requirements;
~The quality and effectiveness of teaching and learning; and
~Those components of the learning community that include Leadership, Curriculum, Personnel, Service, Governance/Finance, Demographics, and Facilities.
Sun., Jan. 29th Open House 10:30am to 1:00pm, all invited
Mon., Jan. 30th Family Appreciation
Tues., Jan. 31st Community Appreciation Day
Wed., Feb. 1st Teacher Appreciation
Thur., Feb. 2nd Student Appreciation Day & Talent Show
Fri., Feb. 3rd Clergy Appreciation
Sat., Feb. 4th Saints vs. Sinners Basketball Game 6:00pm
Catholic Schools Week
Sunday, Open House
Tuesday, Harlem Superstars vs Saints 6:30pm
Saturday, Saints vs Sinners 6pm
Science Fair - 7th & 8th
Feb. 13th - 16th in Muldowney Hall