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Spelling Homework for this week June 6
Religion Study Guide: Key Terms
Interactive Religion Chapter Review Stump the Shepherd

Science: Study Guide

Test retakes

Retakes are now open for all previously taken tests or quizzes.While my expectation is that everyone who received an 80% or lower will retake, students with higher grades may retake with parent request. These will be taken before or after school. While I will be available after school most Thursdays, other times can be opened based on parent request.

Discipline in the Class
This year we are going to focus on learning how to make good choices, respecting ourselves and others, and understanding the consequences of our actions. In class we have three rules-
-Respect the personal space of others.
-Maintain an appropriate working environment.
-Understand the feelings and needs of others.
Respecting the personal space of others means-
-We do not go into others ‘bubbles’ uninvited
-We do not touch or take others things without asking
-We ask others if we can enter their space
Maintaining an appropriate working environment means-
-For others to work we need to keep an appropriate volume
-To work properly we need to maintain an orderly desk/cubby
-To work well we need to keep on task and try not to distract others.
Understanding the feelings and needs of others means-
-The feelings of others are just as real as our own.
-We are not any more entitled to something any more than another student.
-Even if we can’t be friends, we can still respect one another.
The class and I have gone over these rules quite a bit this week, and I have full faith that they will be able for follow them very well this year. :D.

What are these Fuzzles?
Early this week every student in class took the time to create their own individual desk buddy, known as a fuzzle. Fuzzles are sweet creatures that love their buddies and when they are happy they are good at finding gems that they will give to their friends. These gems can be traded in for different things, like stickers or votes in the Guinea Pig name vote coming up! These fuzzles sit on Green, Yellow, and Red dots to show us how upset they are. If we are still breaking rules when our Fuzzle is on red it will run away, and will not come back to the desk until we apologize to it at the end of the day.

A Note on Notes
This year, because of our focus on individual choices and self control, for MOST of our problems at school I will NOT be sending a note home. Fuzzle colors will not go along with a note or a call home, but will instead be a reminder to the student to monitor their own behavior. To me, a note or call home means I wish for you to take action at home, but for most of our issues at school I intend for the systems we have in place here to correct them. If there is a serious issue I will be sure to contact you, or if you hear a fuzzle was moved or a student is not sure why they got in trouble please feel free to contact me.

On The Clock and Friday Funday
This year, students are being given a short amount of time on Friday afternoons to rest, lightly socialize, and play a game or two. This is Friday Funday. While this time is planned into every week, it is not guaranteed. At the front of the room is clock showing us how much time we have for Friday Funday. If the whole class is off task and not following procedures (like taking too long to line up or not setting down for an assignment) the students will see the time available for Friday Funday slipping away. My hope is that every week we will have this time to decompress together, but the students will be reminded that this is up to them to decide.

Specials Schedule-
Monday- Library/Spanish
Tuesday- PE/Technology
Wednesday- Spanish
Thursday- PE
Friday- Music/Art

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