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God's world is so full of wonder!
Welcome to the fine arts progam at Sacred Heart Academy where we ask the students to interprete this world through examination and creative expression.

Art Club (grades 5 & 6) and National Junior Art Honor Society (grades 7 & 8 ) begin Monday, October 3.
After SHA students are dismissed, Mrs. Clay will meet all members at the Bridges Program in the library. Mrs. Clay will bring everyone downstairs to the Art Room.
Pick up will be 4:30 from the library door. Anyone not picked up at that time will be signed into the Bridges Program.

Art Club/ NJAHS Calendar
October Meetings: 3, 17, 24


Art grades are not given as a percentage, but rather as a 1, 2, 3 with 3 being the highest grade.

The best analogy is to imagine a student's grade as a cupcake.

1 = The student who bakes a cupcake with no icing, no decorations, no effort at all to making his cupcake appetizing.

2 = The student who has made their cupcake according to the directions and frosted it in a most appealing way. This student understands the baking process and how to create a delicious cupcake.

3 = The student not only understands how to bake a cupcake and frost it, but also decorates it with sprinkles, food coloring and adds a gumdrop on top.

The student who earns a 2 is meeting all art lesson expectations, creates a project to all specifications and has put their best effort into the work. They are doing very well and usually are the student who loves art!

The student who earns a 3 is the person who constantly thinks beyond the lesson with creative ideas outside of the box, as they say. This student is usually gifted in the arts and lives and breathes creative ideas.

Rarely does a student earn a 1 in art class unless there is no cooperation and no effort or art work to show for the time spent in class.  Often the student with this attitude has other difficulties that need to be addressed.

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