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S    Science
T   Technology
= Religion
E   Engineering
A   Arts
M  Math
Click logo for student Youtube channel
"The Sandbox"
Focus on CPUs and Basic Skills
Students learn how to navigate through websites while practicing reading and math skills

Keyboarding skills at: www.abcya.com and www.typingweb.com/tutor

Cross-curricular topics and activities at www.brainpopjr.com

WORD one-page documents as assigned
Apps: (K-2)

Superkids - (follows classroom series)
Reading abc
Math 123
Math Kid
Math Puppy
Telling Time
Meerkat Math
PBS Kids

Computer Lab Extras

brainpop.com and brainpopjr.

Click Logo for 3rd Grade iPad Movie
Check out our Background Music Contest entries created in the app GarageBand:
30-Second Background Music Contest
Survey Monkey Contest Form

1st Place = Entry #1 (scary scene)    2nd Place = Entry #10 (pet dies)    3rd Place = Entry #4 (Jesus' Crucifixion-Resurrection)
Indeed, we Christians are convinced that the achievements of the human race -
in art, science, culture and technology - are a sign of God's greatness
and the flowering of God's mysterious design.

~ St. John Paul the Great, 1984
We are currently preparing students for jobs that donít yet exist . . .
Using technologies that havenít been invented . . .
In order to solve problems we donít even know are problems yet.

~  Shift Happens
Focus on  Filmmaking
STREAM Group Projects and Activities

Technology through the Ages with Middle School Language Arts
Impact and Influence of Greece and Rome on the United States with Middle School Social Studies
Robatics in Middle School Math
Blobberts with 3rd Grade
Life of a Butterfly in 1st Grade
Floating Boats in Art
An Escape Room in Music
Science Fair Exhibit of Student Projects

Keyboarding skills practice (4-8):  www.keybr.com and Typing Test:  www.typingtest.com (3 minute option of  Wonderful Wizard of Oz)  Goal for Keyboarding Wall of Fame = 30 WPM at 95% accuracy.
Weather: Fr. Dobbin's weather station instruments
Apps: (3-5)

Google Earth
Story Maker
This Day
Graphing Calculator
Bamboo Paper
Raz Kids

Elementary (K-2)

Focus on iPads and educational apps
Students learn how to navigate through apps while practicing reading and math skills

CyberSafety at:  http://usa-sos.org/index.cfm?Page=Scavenger_Hunt

Keyboarding practice (K-3) at:  www.typingweb.com/tutor

Cross-curricular topics and activities at:  www.brainpop.com  
Apps: (6-8)

Science 360į
NOVA Elements
3-D Brain
Khan Academy
The Constitution
Holy Bible

Click turkey for 2nd Grade "Virtual Field Trip"
Join our second year of participating in the nationwide
"Hour of Code" at codecademy.com or
December 8-14, 2014

Students may use our student login:
email:     SHAcode2@gmail.com
user:        SHAcode2
pwd:        stbernard2
Click STEAM logo for 5th Grade Hour of Code video
Students are introduced to SCRATCH coding at www.scratch.mit.edu
SCRATCH login pattern is as follows:
User Name = first + middle initial  
Pwd = saint + class # + grade
Keyboarding 4-8
Focus on  Music
Middle School Coding using Alice 2.4
Click on photo
for Cow Ship, our Virtual World Contest winner, as judged by 3rd-5th graders.
Students in grades 3-5 record and graph data and learn about weather instruments.  They try to answer the question:  When will we have our first snow day of the year?
Click on photo
for A STEAMY Look at NASA Satellite Missions
STEAM Multimedia Presentations after Skyping with NASA engineer Madeline Kirk
Click on photo for Student Interview  of Music at SHA
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Thanks for joining us on
STREAM Night 2017
March 30, 2017
Visit  the results from this year's Alice 2.4 Virtual World Contest...