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Welcome to Seventh Grade Social Studies
United States History to 1877

Students will (SW) explore and learn concepts in civics, economics, and geography as they study US history in chronological sequence. SW analyze the impact of individuals as well as speeches and great documents during this time period that influenced the growth and development of the United States. SW explore, in depth, the causes and the events that led to the Civil War. This class will also incorporate Catholic Social Teachings including aspect of Catholic Black History.

This class will be primarily assessed through various kinds of projects. Projects will integrate writing skills and be research based. STREAM elements will be incorporated in all projects. SW be engaged in all aspects of their projects. My philosophy is that the engaged student is empowered to learn and is given permission to be brave.
Upcoming school events:

DFE visit April 10-13
Easter Break begins April 13

Please see the Sacred Heart Academy website for further details.
School and class procedures
ilence in halls unless at lockers-quiet speak is permitted as students help each other at that time
Walk in straight lines one block away from wall, body behind body
Students will be permitted to chat while they are working but if the light is turned off they are to be silent
Objective and question of the day will be on the white board, on the right side. SW come in and begin work on the QofD/Daily Warm Up.
When bell rings, door will be closed, students not in class will receive a tardy slip. 3 tardies will result in detention.
Class will have an opening prayer
TW go over question of day with students. TW review objective.
SW begin work on planned activity.
5-8 minutes before bell SW stop activity and begin to put materials away. SW get out agenda books and write the hw. HW will be on the white board on the left side, with the due date.
While students are writing their hw, TW walk around signing the agenda books and leading a discussion of what was covered that day.
SW quietly get up, push in chairs and leave the classroom when they are dismissed.

Regarding homework: I do not give a lot of homework since we do so much hands on projects in class. All work will be kept in binders. Students have been told to take binders home to show parents their work. They do a lot of work in the course of a week and they should be proud of their work. If they don't bring the binders home, ask them about them. You too, will be very proud.
Many thanks,
Mary-Faith Tantillo
7th Grade Mission Statement
We are flexible, ingenious, kind, respectful, family, religious, faithful and Christ-like.
"Do Not Be Afraid" the angel said  to the woman.
Matthew 28:4-5
Sacred Heart Academy Mission Statement
Strengthened by the Father, led by Jesus, and guided by the Holy Spirit, Sacred Heart Academy nurtures the development of the whole child by providing a Catholic education, cultivating academic excellence, peace and justice, service and spiritual growth.
We pray. We study.  We serve.