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Sacred Heart Academy                110 Keating Drive, Winchester, VA 22601                 Phone: 540-662-7177                   Fax: 540-722-2894
Dear Mrs. McTavish and Staff,
My family and I would like to thank you and your entire administration staff for the hard work all of you do every day. It is so inspiring to see you and your team, every morning rain or shine, blowing snow, or on a super hot day like today, opening car doors and welcoming your scholars with a smile, to a new day of learning. You and your staff have set the bar so high, with your love and care toward your pupils that I believe no other school could match. I am very grateful for all the times I came to your office this year and met with an energetic, kind, and attentive team like yours. There were many times I would walk in with questions and worries and walked out with a smile and a confident feeling that my son has found a family away from home, surrounded with honest, compassionate, and devoted individuals like all of you. We would like to wish all of you at SHA the best summer ever.

Hans Colom, Dad (Patrick Colom - K)

To the Staff and Students,
Our special thanks for the wonderful day we shared with all of you on Friday. Your hard work and talent were truly appreciated.Sacred Heart Academy is an outstanding example of Catholic Education at its finest, and you can all be very proud of it.  Keep up the good work!

Grandma and “Boppy” Lyman
(Liz & Dan)

Dear SHA,
We were late in saying Thank you for a great year at the end of last school year. I called Mrs. Galbraith a week after the last day and all of you had left. :-)
So thank you to a great year to our daughter and for the great development we saw in her.
We wish you and all the students a blessed new school year.

Etse & David Leng

Dear SHA Faculty & Staff,
I don't know how may of you have been able to get to know my son. For those of you who do know him, you know he is not easily impressed. In fact the only things that impress him are the dessert sections of all-you-can-eat buffets and fart jokes.
My heart was filled with joy this weekend when I over heard him talking to his friend (who goes to Powhatan)...
   Jack: Does your school have robotocis?
   Friend: No.
   Jack: Does your school have band?
   Friend: No.
   Jack: Is your school a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence?
   Friend: No, what does that mean?
   Jack: It means your school is one of the best schools in the country.
It was great to see him so filled with pride about his school. Thank you for making Sacred Heart worth bragging about! :-)

Meg Roque