Faculty and Staff

We, the faculty and staff of Sacred Heart Academy, as devoted disciples of Christ, commit ourselves to the educational ministry of the Church.  Guided by the Spirit, we exist primarily to provide a Christ-centered atmosphere in which students may grow in knowledge and in love of God and neighbor.


Ms. Anne Arias, Principalemail
Ms. Lisa Anthony-Price, Executive Director of Operations, email
Mr. Lorenzo Lara, Dean of Students, email

Ms. Maria Clark, Office Manager/Assistant to the Principal, email
Ms. Kimberly Chicklo, Office Assistant/Enrollment Coordinator, email
Ms. Lindsay Modugno, Office Assistant, email
Ms. Monica Petrella, Nurse, email

Elementary School Faculty

Ms. Monica Lapsley, Kindergarten, email
Ms. Shelby Pastora, First Grade, email
Ms. Taylor Sumner-Sosnoski, First Grade, email
Ms. Teresa Koch, Second Grade, email
Ms. Bethany Sargis, Third Grade, email
Mr. Christopher Garofalo, Fourth Grade, email
Ms. Kirra Herter, Fifth Grade, email

Middle School Faculty

Mr. Tom Marino, Math, 6th Grade Homeroom, email
Mr. Gregory Bentley, Religion and Social Studies, grades 6-8, email
Ms. Julia Moss, Literature/Language Arts, grades 6-7, 7th Grade Homeroom,  email
Mr. Timothy Gannon, Science, grades 6-8, email
Ms. Concetta Kimbro, Literature/Language Arts, grade 8, 8th Grade Homeroom, email

Preschool Faculty

Ms. Maria Cook, PreK 2, email
Ms. Victoria Toomy, PreK 3, email
Ms. Katelyn Shell, PreK 4, email

Special Classes Faculty

Ms. Ute Mikus, Reading Specialist, email
Dr. Charles Presberg, Spanish, grades K-3, 6-8, email
Ms. Nancy Juday, Latin, grades 4-5, email
Ms. Concetta Kimbro, Library, Technology, Drama, email
Ms. Jo-Ann Blaker, Librarian Volunteer, email
Ms. Julia Moss,
Art, email
Mr. Lorenzo Lara
, Athletic Director, email
Mr. Dave Mayberry, Assistant Athletic Director, email
Ms. Shannan Schmidt, Music, email
Mr. Mark Pichowicz, Ward Music Instructor, grades 6-8, email
Ms. Erin Keller, Cafeteria Manager, email

Instructional Teaching Assistants

Ms. Patricia Pasquali, PreK 2, email
Ms. Tessa Anthony-Price, PreK 3, email
Ms. Kathy Meijia, PreK 3, email
Ms. Regina Burke, PreK 4, email
Ms. Catherine Taylor, Kindergarten, email
Ms. Fran Keating, First Grade, email
Ms. Jeannie Decker, Second Grade, email
Ms. Kirsten Almaraz, Third Grade, email
Ms. Katie O’Boyle, Elementary School ITA, email

Bridges Extended Day Staff

Ms. Camryn Kenna, Director, email
Ms. Tessa Anthony-Price, PM Bridges, email
Ms. Kelly Miller, PM Bridges, email