Amy Padgett

Welcome To School


This is an amazing week.  I am thrilled with this group of kiddos and their amazing personalities; each one is so unique and fun.  I know I have bombarded you with information but promise it will get better.  This just helps me get to know your little one better.

Things we are working on this week is making new friends and their names.  We want to make sure we are able to work together cooperatively.  We are learning  Good Choices and Bad Choices; practicing many procedures like lining up, walking quietly in the halls, taking turns, and so many more.  We are busy.

If you are interested in fulfilling easy and extremely helpful volunteer hours, we are in need of lunch help.  The time is about an hour and starts around 11:50.  It involves helping getting hot lunches, opening milk, monitoring kiddos while they eat and placing out the nap mats.

A Few Reminders:

  1.  Place snack in a ziplock baggie with your child’s name on the baggie.
  2. Check folder daily we are sending important information that will need to be returned

Next week:


Name recognition in print and counting letters in our name.


Number – 0

Shape – circle

Color – red

Finding things  that are the same

Self Help:

unpacking/packing backpack

follow bathroom routine independently

Fine Motor: 

practicing writing first name

putting jigsaw puzzle together

cutting along a line


following oral directions

positional directional (first)

Weekly Theme:  

Back to School


Making the sign of the cross

blessing before meal  – prayer


Many Blessings:

Amy J. Padgett  B.S. , M.Ed.