Join the Birthday Book Club

Happy Birthday to your child! During this school year, your child will celebrate a birthday. The celebration can be shared and commemorated for years to come through the Academy’s Birthday Book Club.

Club members will provide books for the Academy Library to benefit current and future students. Books you purchase through this program will have your child’s name, age and birthday inscribed in the front of the book (i.e. Gabrielle, on her 8th birthday, 2019). Each time the book is read, your child’s birthday and gift will be remembered.

If you wish to participate, it is as simple as filling in this form and going to the list here. You will see the Birthday Book List as well as the link for Scholastic Books.  Make your selection, send a check payable to Sacred Heart Academy in the amount of $25.00, and returning it all through your family folder. Book purchases are donations and tax deductible.