Dress Code

Sacred Heart Academy students have summer and winter dress uniforms as well as summer and winter physical education uniforms. Preschool and Kindergarten students wear their physical education uniforms year round. PE uniforms and spring/fall polo shirts must be purchased from the Academy; all other uniforms can be purchased through our designated uniform supplier, Flynn O’Hara. Alternatively, many used uniforms and accessories are available at the Academy.

Click here to view our uniform policy: Uniform Policy.

Purchase Uniforms

Sacred Heart Academy has selected Flynn O’Hara as our official uniform supplier. They are located in Virginia Fair City Mall, 9650 Main Street Fairfax VA 22031. Click here to order online; or to order by phone, call customer service at (800) 441-4122 for more information.

Please place orders before August 1 to ensure back to school delivery.